Casting / Audition Details:


Perfect Population By KL Allen & P3K Productions are casting for The Perfect 10. They will consist of 10 Male and Female  Model/Actors who will be the Official Faces of our 2018 Film Fashion Project which will include (Runway Shows, Commercials, Campaigns and Short Films/Feature Films)

The project will be paid and this will be a NON-Exclusive Contract for 1 Year. You must be able to Model and Act.

Paid Roles: $50-$100 Per Day, Deferred. Stunt Performers/Skilled in Martial Arts Receive Extra Pay. 

The Unveiling of the Projects will be done in The Fall and you must be available for Unveiling.

All Short Films/Feature Films will be submitted for to various film festivals and film distribution companies and networks for bigger deals.


The two Projects we are casting for are :


PROJECT Z- A Superhero Action Short Film/Feature Film


PERFECTVILLE- A Sci-Fi Short Film/Feature Film


To Submit please use Submission link or Email the following below: 


Include(Project Name, Role, Date, First Last name) in Subject Line.  Email: and CC:

Example ( The Perfect 10, LX, 2/23/2018. Adam Adams)



-Full Bodyshot



- Demo Reel



Character Breakdown:


PROJECT Z Character Breakdown:

ETHAN (LEAD) 18- Biracial- Must be 6 ft or taller. Clean Cut.Athletic. Martial Arts Background/Stunt Performer/Fight Scene Experience a must. He is the boy next door, naive, but very popular.


SHAWN (SUPPORTING) 18, African American, Athletic. 5 ft 10 or taller. He is Ethan's bestfriend. The Comic Relief. Comical Side. Good for Social Media Comedians as well.


JENNA (LEAD)- Biracial-18- 5 ft 9 or taller. Model Physique. Long Hair. Most Popular Girl In School, Class President, Head Cheerleader-Goody Two Shoes. Very Fashionable. Dance Experience a must.

BRANDON (LEAD)- 18- African American. Athletic. 5 ft 11 or taller. Ethans Rival- The Fastest Kid in the district. Ethan is second to him. Nonchalaunt. Comes from the means streets of suburbia. Must have Track and Field Experience.


GISSELLE (LEAD)- 18. Mexican. Model Physique with curves. 5 ft 9 or taller. Tomboyish. Attitude. She is Social Media Popular. Very Trendy. Dance Experience a must. Some martial arts experience is a plus.

AXEL (LEAD) 18.Swedish 5 ft 11 or taller (Can speak the language or has accent) , Athletic. Slim to Athletic Build. Blonde or Red Hair a plus. Cocky and Fithly Rich. Experience in Fencing is a plus.


AYA (LEAD) 18. African American or African. Africa Accent is a plus not a must. 5 ft 8 or taller. Model Physique. Prefer Natural Hair, Short hair but not a must. She is the positive figure, who loves peace and prosperity. She is very spiritual. 


BILLY (LEAD) 18, Muscular Build, 5 ft 11 or taller. Dark Hair. Southern Accent. He's a Country Boy. Boxing Experience A Plus.


ANWAAR (LEAD) 18, Middle Eastern. 5 ft 11 or taller.  Athletic Build. Very Mysterious. Martial Arts Experience A Plus.


Perfectville Character Breakdowns:


All Females Must be 5 ft 8 or taller


All Males Must be 5 ft 11 or taller


For these roles.


BAILEY (LEAD), 18, African American, Model Physique. Just woke up from a coma. Sweet, Naive, Ready to move forward with life.


BIANCA (LEAD), Mid 20s, African American, Model Physique. Step-ford wife but very seductive and mysterious.


CECELIA (LEAD), Mid 20s, Biracial, Model Physique. Snobby. Lives the high-class life.


PANDORA (LEAD), Mid 20s, Caucaisan, Model Physique. Mysterious. Cannot be trusted.


CAMDEN  (LEAD), Mid 20s, Caucasian. Muscular Build. Aggressive, Mysterious as well. Works with the mayor.


BRAD (LEAD) 18, African American, Athletic Build.  He is a watcher. He keeps an eye on all the people of perfectville for the mayor. He is a weirdo type.


DANIEL (LEAD), Mid 20s,  African American, Muscular Build. Works for POP (Secret Service) he is hired to keep an eye on Bailey. He is nonchalant but cautious of his surroundings. Married to Bianca.


DAVION (LEAD), Mid 20s, African American, Athletic Build. Works for POP (Assigned partner to Daniel) He has this tough guy persona. Bad Cop type vibe.


NIGEL (LEAD) (ANTAGONIST) Mid 20s, Biracial Model Type, Muscular/Athletic. Charmer, Devious, Manipulative. Came to Perfectville with an Agenda.


CYRUS  (LEAD) Mid 20s, African American, Athletic. Very Very Mysterious. Always around. Always Observant.


DOMENICA (LEAD)- 18, Biracial, Model Physique. Spoiled Brat Type, she is the mayors daughter so she always gets what she wants.


ELIJAH (LEAD)- 18, Biracial, Athletic. He is a prototype. The boy next door but he is the boyfriend of Domenica.


Times, dates & locations:


We are only accepting Video Submissions at this time.